:: About the Land Image Analyst Project

Land Image Analyst was developed by GDA Corp for the USDA Forest Service Chesapeake Bay Program as a land cover recognition tool to aid communities in developing land cover analysis and change detection. It has many applications, such as mapping tree canopy, identifying impervious surfaces, identifying stream buffers, and more.

The Green Infrastructure Center is supporting the Chesapeake Bay Program to promote and support this tool and provide guidance to development, as user feedback and support needs are identified. As part of the project, the GIC will provide regular reports to the developers based on both our own experience and those gathered by engaging users in training and support.

: Installation

The LIA software package is provided at no cost to the user through the website located at https://www.gdacorp.com/lia/download.

The user must establish a username and password before full functionality is available.

: Getting Started (Training Videos, Webinars and Workshops)

Quick Start Guide

  • This guide will present the Graphic User Interface and available tools. It will also demonstrate the most commonly used classifier tools.

  • At the end of the project, a user should be able to accomplish two key tasks:
    1) Creating a tree canopy map.
    2) Creating a landcover map.

    See the LIA Quick Start Guide.

Videos and other training materials

Follow this link to a YouTube playlist of training videos: Playlist

Or click on these individual links:

Schedule of events: (Coming soon!)

  • GIC will host several in-person training events in the use of the tool for green infrastructure planning in VA, MD and PA.

  • These events are currently being planned; check back here for schedule as they are organized for Spring 2019:

Other important links

Questions about LIA; Support; or Suggestions? E-mail: LandImageAnalyst@gmail.com

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LIA screen

Installation screen.

LIA screen

The Graphic User Interface.

LIA screen

LIA's Minimum Distance Classifier.
(Single class classification: Tree Cover).

LIA screen

LIA’s Decision Tree Classifier.
(Multiple class classification: Land Cover).