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Green Infrastructure Projects in Virginia

From 2007 to 2012, the Green Infrastructure Center (GIC) conducted a statewide field test of green infrastructure planning in Virginia. The results have been published in our new Planning Guide.

The following are links to Virginia project descriptions and case studies.


Green Infrastructure in New York State

The GIC created a Planning Guide for New York State. A pilot project was conducted in Ulster County, NY. The guide provides the steps for any NY county to create their own landscape-scale green infrastructure plans. The guide was funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Healthy Watersheds Initiative in partnership with the Green Infrastructure Center, the Cadmus Group, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) and Ulster County New York. New York State Deptartment of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens stated "Thanks to the support of EPA and the work of the GIC, this guide provides Ulster County and other counties in the state comprehensive information about its natural resources to strategically plan for maximum social, economic and environmental benefits," "As the Cuomo Administration strives to develop more resilient critical infrastructure systems through the Governor's NYS2100 Commission, this guide will help local officials capitalize on the concepts of the Commission. County by county, this is a blueprint for statewide sustainability."

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And GIC is expanding ...

The GIC recently released new planning guides for Arkansas and North Carolina. Read more.

The GIC is currently launching new Green Infrastructure Project Pilot in Berkeley County South Carolina. This will serve as a test for the new green infrastructure model the GIC is building for statewide application. The South Carolina green infrastructure planning guide will be out in early 2015.


Training and Mapping Services

The GIC brings diverse stakeholder groups together to develop green infrastructure plans that meet community needs. The GIC has extensive experience developing technical communication materials, workshops, training sessions, public meetings and collaborative decision-making processes.

Our staff of environmental planners, geographers,GIS technicians, graphic designers and professional facilitators can provide a highly specialized team approach to meet the needs of any client.

  • Green infrastructure models for counties, states or regions
  • Green infrastructure asset mapping in GIS (intact habitats, agricultural soils, water)
  • Mapping cultural resources, such as historic landscapes and viewsheds
  • Code and ordinance review
  • Data assessment and model building for any scale
  • Strategic planning for agencies
  • Urban redevelopment strategies
  • Comprehensive plans and maps
  • Stakeholder meetings and public outreach
  • Training and professional certification credits
  • Strategic planning and facilitation
  • Graphic design (posters, brochures, reports)

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“The City of Staunton’s partnership with Ms. Firehock and the Green Lands class has increased our ability to assemble well corroborated policy recommendations, perform more efficient and meaningful green systems analysis, and fold green infrastructure considerations more easily into the process of determining the form of our community. Green Infrastructure Strategies for Staunton, Virginia will serve the City of Staunton well into the future.”

- Amy Ransom Arnold, ASLA, Staunton City Planner





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