:: Green Infrastructure Resources and Publications

Below are a variety of available online green infrastructure resources and literature.

For GIC Projects and Case Studies visit GIC projects page: http://www.gicinc.org/projects.htm

For GIC Planning Guides for states and the U.S. see: http://www.gicinc.org/book.htm

For GIC's Studies of trees for stormwater management see: http://www.gicinc.org/trees_stormwater.htm

GIC Guides:

Planners Forest Toolkit: GIC's guide to all the policies and codes that communities should have in place to ensure a healthy urban forest. Also includes arguments to convince local leaders to take action. Although written for South Carolina it can be applied anywhere in the United States. June 2021. Download Toolkit.

Forest Connectivity Design Guide: Get GIC's design guide for conserving forests and other habitats, even when developing! The guide, Forest Connectivity in the Developing Landscape: A Design Guide for Conservation Developments was written for the Carolinas, but design ideas can be applied anywhere! The guide includes case studies for two GIC-designed sites. Sept. 2019 Contact GIC for print copies or download here.

The Community Forest Storm Mitigation Planning Workbook. This guide can help your community prepare for storm damages, develop strategies to manage debris and recover faster from disasters that impact the urban forest. Based on existing state guides, this national version includes the latest FEMA guidance and is designed as a workbook for community use. 2021. Download here.

Example of Urban Tree Assessment, GIC conducts many city assessments for clients. This is an example for Boynton Beach FL: GIC's Tree Canopy Assessment for Boynton Beach, Florida, together with a strategy plan and recommendations for action. Download here.

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