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: A Green Infrastructure Plan for Norfolk: Building Resilient Communities

In July 2018, the GIC completed a two-year project to map and evaluate the city of Norfolk's green infrastructure and to create strategies for making the city more resilient in the face of a changing climate. Located in the Hampton Roads area, Norfolk sits in the second most threatened landscape for sea-level rise and increasingly extreme weather events. The plan evaluated both current green infrastructure (trees, water, wetlands and other habitats) and marsh- and forest-buffer migration as sea level rises. This strategy was created in onjunction with the city's Watershed Task Force and is the first of its kind to link current and future GI planning in the face of climate change.

Download the report here.

: About the Virginia Guide

From 2007 to 2013, the Green Infrastructure Center (GIC) conducted a statewide field test of green infrastructure planning in Virginia. The results have been published in our new Planning Guide.

To read the press release about the VA Guide, click here.

The Virginia Guide is available in spiral binding in full color. To order a printed version of the Virginia Guide, fill out this PDF form with all your details and email it to lepetiuk@gicinc.org. There is a link in the form to our DONATE button. Click on the link and add a donation to pay for your copies of the Guide or send a check made payable to GIC. Print copies of the Virginia Guide are available for $29.95.


: Virginia project case studies

From 2007 to 2014, the Green Infrastructure Center (GIC) conducted a statewide field test of green infrastructure planning in Virginia. The results have been published project reports linked below. To obtain a copy of the Virginia Planning Guide contact GIC.

The following are links to Virginia project descriptions and case studies.

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GIC Assists 11 Virginia Communities in Green Infrastructure Planning

Thanks to a grant from the USDA Forest Service’s Southern Region and the Virginia Department of Forestry, the GIC provided technical assistance in green infrastructure mapping and planning to 11 Virginia communities! In these mini-grant projects, GIC provided pro-bono support while the communities created their plans to identify and conserve their highest-valued natural assets. Localities included the counties of Albemarle and Grayson; the cities of Charlottesville, Hampton and Suffolk; and the towns of Buchanan, Woodstock and South Boston. The City of Radford, the Town of Essex and Tappahannock County were mapped, but they did not complete their reports.

Following are links to the plans that are available on line. Note that, as a cooperative initiative, these plans are not designed by the GIC (for GIC-designed plans, visit the case study documents listed above, under Virginia Project Case Studies). The GIC contributed maps and text for theses reports.

Albemarle County

Town of Buchanan

City of Charlottesville

Grayson County

City of Hampton

Town of South Boston

City of Suffolk

Town of Woodstock




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